bombshell kitten
looks on purring 
admittedly flirting 
fitting into things
for who she loves
and willing
the only thing
she needs to do
is still be waiting
as the centerfold she is
spreading her dreams

the beat of the drum
echoes, and I come
as they call to me
enticement me with peace
to a troubled soul 
I am who needs it
I write, I cry, and I...
do the things in my life
which defines gravity
floating heart haphazardly
to the rhythmic defeat
I submit 

my dark deeds
satisfy my dark needs
as hoards of decisions 
pillage my defense, 
I felt as if;
a flood of emotion, 
drowns me figuratively 
penetrating in the form
of internalized cuts, 
they meet me with
answers that I never thought...
maybe that's the problem
where was that 
when I was there
lying to myself
in every way, 
to be happy
losing myself
going nowhere
but to meet the devil inside

ever so slightly a flower blooms
ever so carefully each petal opens up
ever so gently the brightly colored blossom unfolds
until its beauty is fully exposed

without fear


not so unlike revealing oneself
where our flesh is just a shell
a house
a home
for the person
we truly are
who we are to become 

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