The light casts segments of shadow
Projecting the woman she was
Not perfect by any means; but
Perfect to me
The shards of different projections
Are her versatility of adaptation 
Which I need to keep me ground and be real
As I too am not perfect by any means
I can't elude in being even faking that these days
Though looking at her shards of Beauty
I will be ok
I am here big boy
Strip my insecurities 
Inject me with love
Alone in bed
Hardly anything on
Rubbing and teasing
Soft sensations
Flush and plush
His special tug toy 
Brings much joy
Highten tension 
Builds in a wave
never thought possible
Wishing for him
To be there
To mouth and bite
And ride the wave

Always wanted with sassyness
Peaking at them
As she sneaks off
Along the hallway
Guiding the way
Towards the bedroom door
She's looking at you that way

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