digging my grave
I have become your slave
words you utter the spell
cast from beauty, I'm tamed,
bounded to commands
some of which, dilute who I am
as they take the path unknown
conclusions to what will happen tonight,
though I refuse to turn away from a challenge
that is so inclined to a memorable decline

It was a dark and kinky night

The feeling was just right 

I placed a bind around your eyes

Looking at you like that was such a high

Click went the cuffs

Then we played rough

You love the way I bite

By: @yourdesire 

We want to see how your kinky night would be? So use the above line and create your own poem or story suitable to it's start and then submit it to arny69email@gmail.com and we will post it here!

It was a dark and kinky night
She's waiting by the door
Like she was instructed by her Sir

Hours go by and her knees are sore
But she stays there on all fours;
kneeling there ready at the door

Her desire to please is greater;
then having relief from her task;
of waiting by the door for Sir

She followed all of his instructions
As a good girl should;
going through each task with aspiration
As perfect as it could

Thinking of him while doing them
An ache consumed her the entire day
Now it was night and he'll be home soon

Anticipation was there as minutes go by
Any moment now the Sir will be by
To sweep her off her feet, like a dream.

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